LUKE HERE! Is Disney building the best family hotel ever? New Star Wars resort looks insane

The Star Wars hotel in Orlando comes in the form of a starship, filled with characters and stories that unfold all around them.

DISNEY are spending millions building two Star Wars-themed lands at their theme parks in California and Orlando - scheduled to open next year. But it appears that one of the highlights of the new openings will be the Star Wars hotel that will open alongside the park in Disney World, Florida.

Several new details have been teased about the new accommodation and it looks so good that it might just beat every other family hotel in the world hands down.
The property, which is being built on the south side of Disney’s Hollywood Studios and is due to open in late 2019, will allow guests to fully immerse themselves in a Star Wars storyline.

The hotel comes in the form of a starship, filled with characters and stories that unfold all around them during their voyage through the galaxy.
To add to the feeling, every cabin window in the lobby, restaurants and bedrooms will have views of space.

The hotel stay will be turned into a multi-day adventure, where guests can participate as a resident of the Galaxy by dressing in Star Wars-style costumes from the moment they check in.

They will also be interacting with members of staff who will act like characters from the movies.

Staff will remain in character always and according to Disney, the experience will touch every single minute of a person’s day, as guests are each given their own storyline to act out during their stay.

The hotel will also be connected to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, so guests can "build a reputation" at the park that will also follow them back to the hotel.

Earlier this week, Disney revealed the village in their new Star Wars land will be called Black Spire Outpost.

Disney Parks Story Editor Margaret Kerrison said: "The largest settlement on the planet Batuu, Black Spire Outpost is an infamous stop for traders, adventurers, and smugglers travelling around the Outer Rim and Wild Space.

"Known for the [fossilized] remains of its once towering ancient trees, the spires now stand guard across the river valleys and plains."

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