Airbus unveil luxurious new cabins complete with a bedroom, ensuite and lounge

Many holidaymakers struggle to relax or get any shut eye during flights. To combat this, airlines are coming up with different ways to provide their customers with comfort. After Singapore Airlines launched their new lavish suites, it didn’t take long for other plane-makers to follow suit.

Airbus is the latest travel company to announce they have exciting plans in the works. The European corporation recently revealed that it is revamping its jet with Harmony interiors. Snaps of their plans show a super wide plane that is decked out with all the amenities of an actual house. Rich passengers will be able to kick back in a master bedroom, lounge, office and ensuite bathroom.

The Harmony concept is likely to be incorporated into the new 200million ACJ330neo aircrafts. It may also be used on other Airbus wide planes, including the ACJ350 XWB. Benoit Defforge, president of Airbus Corporate Jets, said: “Long-haul flights provide time for productive work and socializing, as well as rest, and ACJ's Harmony cabin concept is wonderfully well designed to enable all of these, while bringing the world within a single flight. “Harmony is a timeless and elegant design concept, because we dare to break the conventions that are traditionally imposed on us as cabin designers.” Airlines are getting increasingly inventive with their new features.

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